PM Guide


A lot has changed since we published our first ebook on Project Management. We grew as a company, faced new challenges, delivered projects for a diverse set of clients - and all of that amidst the rapid growth of the Agile software development industry. It’s time to revisit the lessons we have shared so far and supplement them with new insights.

Project Managers expect the unexpected. Adapting to change is the underlying principle of everything we do. As we strive to achieve that, we encounter new problems to solve or come across old ones in a completely new context. This ebook is the result of our efforts to address these issues.

Much of this material is specific to our organisation’s transformation from a software house into a consulting agency. Other sections focus on the remote aspect of our work, which has always been our key value, but which demands further improvement as both our and our clients’ needs and expectations grow more complex.

As we become better at what we do, we also want to help others improve. We’re part of a worldwide community of people dedicated to creating beautiful software, and we wish to contribute to shaping the industry standards.

We hope that by doing so, we can make our work and its effects more enjoyable - both for us, our customers, and the end users of the software we help create.

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